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November 11, 2022 Batumi Escort


batumi escort

He started dragging me a blowjob. But my aunt was licking and moisturizing my dick with her tongue. No such joy. She had passed out, I said, “This is the time,” and started to touch her breasts. There was no reaction. Courageously I went further than that and started licking her cunt, it was so watery. I said your pussy still wants a cock. He didn’t react, he was already licking. I stretched my aunt on the sofa bed, lowered her pants, her sweet little hairy pussy was in front of me. It smelled amazing. Without waiting, I slowly put my dick in it, my aunt said suddenly, don’t act like you’re sober. After a few go and come, she started to cry, but it was too late. Son, don’t do it, I’m your aunt, it’s a sin, we’re going to burn Batumi Escort She was saying Tune, but I didn’t care, I was pumping.

Her cunt, who hadn’t seen a dick in years, was saying the opposite of what her mouth was saying. I said shut up, it was fine when I put it in his mouth. I was fucking my aunt like in the movies. Gradually she adjusted herself, her tears had stopped, she was now screaming for pleasure. Or I fucked my aunt for 15 minutes like that. The words don’t do it kept silent, and towards the end he started to say “my son”. While I was pumping, I was kissing my aunt’s full lips, it was a wonderful feeling. Now I was about to explode too and I took my dick out and cum on my aunt’s cunt. Or my aunt had one more orgasm with me. I felt very relaxed. After I ejaculated, I lay on my aunt’s lap. My aunt was also very relaxed.


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