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March 4, 2022 Batumi Escort, Blog


batumi escort aynura

Hello guys. I’m Batumi Escort Kyrgyz Aynura. Came from Kyrgyzstan for you. I am a 21 year old, skinny, boundless, 1.65 tall and 54 kilos gorgeous woman. My beauty is absolutely legendary. Moreover, have no limits. In this way, we can sign a draw under a wonderful sexual relationship.

I’m a Loving Woman

As a caring woman Batumi Escort Kyrgyz Aynura, I am very successful in meeting the demands of the gentlemen. I’ve never been a sullen woman. I have already become one of the best in the market because I am friendly, treat gentlemen in a nice way, chat with them.

It is the most important thing for me to make all your requests come true by approaching like a lover. This is where I have no limits. As I am a well-groomed woman, you can enjoy my wonderful body without a single question mark in your mind. For this, it is sufficient to request your appointment over a single phone call.

The Last Point of Sex

As a Batumi escort, I do not set limits on my services. Both love all kinds of sex and am very willing to practice it. There is kissing in my relationships. I do this in a very sensual, passionate way. In addition to this, would be very pleased to present every curve of my wonderful body for you by doing the foreplay.

In addition to all this, I say oral is my job. Sex and sex are nothing without oral. Moreover, since it is possible to do this mutually, the pleasure we will get will be more. I have no limits on anal sex, which is constantly coming to the fore in different fantasies. You can be sure that I will seduce you in a short time by screaming during infancy from behind. Then call right away.

Batumi Escort Kyrgyz Aynura I Have Interviews in Different Places

Every place is suitable for me and have no limits in this regard. I can come to the homes of the gentlemen who want to be in their safe neighborhoods. We can also have a great time in hotels. I have different tariffs. The payment you will make according to the time you will be together is not the same. Just call me and book your appointment right away. Now the rest is up to both of us.


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